Aircraft Dismantling, LLC


Static Displays, Airports, museums/military bases.

Our teams have moved many retired and un-airworthy aircraft and component assemblies across miles of roadways to provide static displays for various customers. We have provided displays both domestically and abroad.

Storage Preservation, Short term and long.

When aircraft has to be parked for uncertain periods of time, members of our team will provide the necessary wrapping of jets and engines for storage purposes. .

Manufacturing Representation/Composite manufacturing.

We employ factory trained personnel in Manufacturing and Assembly of the new technologically advanced Boeing 787 for your new aircraft manufacturing needs.

Contact our representative at 1 (602)758-8577 

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Heavy Maintenance Representation

and inspection.

Rep and Inspection capabilities for heavy checks and modifications. Daily documentation, and photographs provided to protect your investment and guarantee maintenance personnel and MRO facilities perform professionally and as agreed upon and required.